KCA Junior Chess Tournament 2017 – Final Results

Here is the final standings for each category. You may also JUMP to the other category by selecting via the TOURNAMENT SELECTION. If you have some picture for us to publish, do send us an email to (kinabaluchess(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you and enjoy!

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KCA Junior Chess Tournament 2017 – Prize Winners

U12 Boys

Champion Muhd Afiq Zaim    5.5 SK Mawar Sandakan
2nd Muhd Tirmidzi Abdul Sahim    4.5 SK Likas
3rd Jordan Elcana Mischon    4.0 SK Koporingan
4th Jephta Eden Mischon    4.0 SK Koporingan
5th Dyiyaur Rahman Adnan    4.0 SK Laya Laya
6th Daniel Samuel David Lupi    3.5 SK Pengalat Besar
7th Hargves Esquerro Elip    3.5 SK Bundu Tuhan
8th Habibur Rahman Adnan    3.0 SK Laya Laya
9th Muhd Aqil Mohd Zaim    3.0 SK Mawar Sandakan
10th Elbenjo Madirin    3.0 SK Topokoon

U12 Girls

Champion May Elisa Biusing    6.0 SK St Francis Convent
2nd Anne Justine    4.0 SK Bantayan
3rd Nurlaila Jumat    4.0 SK Laya Laya
4th Nurbatrisyia Balqis    3.0 SK Laya Laya
5th Nur’ain Azwa    3.0 SK Laya Laya
6th Adriana Yawseet Anderis    3.0 SK Api Api
7th Rawaidah Adnan    2.5 SK Laya Laya
8th Nurhaleesa Fazreena    2.5 SK Laya Laya
9th Nur Darwisyatul Qaisara    2.0 SK Laya Laya
10th Syafirra Aharan    2.0 SK Laya Laya


Champion Muhd Aliff Nazrin Muhd Zurin    5.0 SMESH
2nd Dwayne Sean David Lupi    5.0 SM La Salle
3rd Reagan Chin Ming Juan    4.0 Kinabalu Int’l School
4th Alvin Justine    4.0 SMK Sungai Damit
5th Muhd Hanif Hacho    3.5 SM Sains Lahad Datu
6th Mohd Zulhaqimie Samson    3.0 SM Sains Lahad Datu
7th Fyoddrie Feddrin    3.0 SM Sains Lahad Datu
8th Aisyah Sabrina Ardian Syah    3.0 SMK SDK III
9th Adris Yawseet Anderis    3.0 SM La Salle
10th Salsabilah Adnan    2.5 SMK Badin

Full results

Under 12 Boys

Under 12 Girls

Under 15

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